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Why this site?

Why create this site? What does sex-positive mean? Who do we consider seniors?

So many questions to answer and here I am trying to reach people that are in or approaching what are called the golden years. How can we still have so many questions?

I think a senior could easily be anyone that realizes they will never have all the answers even though they have been around enough to make enough mistakes to have more answers than those just starting this journey we call life.

Sex-positive means: having or promoting an open, tolerant attitude towards sex and sexuality. It is a movement currently going on that emphasizes safe and consensual sex. The terminology is several decades old but came to my attention just recently. I think if it had been more widely used there may be no need for things like the #metoo movement. Many will think this means swinging, polyamory, or the Free Love movement of my youth. Those can be part of being open but I have found there are people in those alternate lifesyles that are just as closed minded as the Hippies in the late 1960's seemed to be open. People are people. Once a group gets large enough it becomes a microcosm of the larger population around it. So on this site sex-positive means people and organizations that are not judgmental of others sexual orientation, sexual activities, or lifestyle as long as everyone is safe and full enthusiastic consent is being given.

Finally, why create this site? I have recently come across people in a variety of situations that are not being open or tolerant of others sexual desires. I happen to fit many definitions of a senior citizen and some of that intolerance was aimed at people near my age. About three or four years ago I came across an article about a woman being told to not worry about sex, when she reaches a certain age it will just stop. She was already past that age and still wanted to experience more of the joy and pleasure sex with her significant other was providing her. She already had an open tolerant attitude towards her own sexuality that some of the others around her didn't have. In that context, she was being sex-positive.

I am hoping to eventually provide information about sexuality in the golden years. I recently saw an article that spoke of the benefits of sex into the later years of life. I for one have already met with some of the challenges people face as they age and try to have a sex life. I will be looking for and passing on information about dealing with some of the challenges women face post menopause. Men's hormones decrease as well so I'll try to find information about testosterone levels dropping and things like ED that may result from many causes. I hope to provide a blog with comments so we can interact with each other rather than just read my point of view.

With the probability of interaction I feel I need to say, if you are an older swinger come to make fun of the vanillas that might not know as much about what they've been doing to their significant other through the years as you know, or if you are a monogamist here to harass the swingers and polys into repentance, this will not be a welcoming place. If you are monogamous and want to learn what your body can do and ways to keep it doing that, this is the place for that. If you are non-monogamous but want a different point of view on where life can take your sexuality, then this is the place for that.

Hopefully we can create a community that is sex-positive for all that may come here, even non-seniors. They need to know what to be doing to keep things working for when they reach this age. Back when I was in my 40's there were a series of videos about being Fit or Fat. Covert Bailey was the spokesman. In one of the videos he said he planned on living to somewhere in his 90's and then being shot by a jealous husband. I've thought that was a good goal but recently I've decided to avoid people where there could be a jealous husband and see if I can't make it past 100.

Welcome to all the sex-positive people that happen along here. Stop by and share. You will hopefully learn something and we hope you will teach us something.

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